Medical Updates

Since I know you are dying to know.

Gut surgery was canceled. The surgery was postponed due to heart rate and blood pressure but was supposed to happen last week. The surgery was canceled the day of because of excess fluid. Apparently, 3 gallons of fluid had to be released. It is unlikely the surgery will be rescheduled within the next three months. For the foreseeable future, I am on my own with recruitment.

The last I heard, the brain surgery went well. The majority of the tumor was removed; the rest is of little concern. The patient is up and about, though obviously taking it super easy. He is in good spirits. Apart from surviving the surgery, his primary fear was how close the tumor was to the file cabinet of his brain. I have not heard if his memory was impacted or what implications this might have with his occupational responsibilities.

In the meantime, another of our people was feeling off and went to the doctor for a quick check up. Some incoherent phone calls later, we learned she is in a medically induced coma that they have been unsuccessful in reviving her from. Things are not looking well for her recovery.


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