Status Quo

We have settled back a routine, into a state of consistency and reliability, a rut. But a healthy rut. And one for which I will yearn in about 3 weeks when we are both in the thick of rehearsals and hating every minute of that. But work has calmed down. Fires have been put out and no longer require me to be at the office until 9pm or on Saturdays. I’m back to a manageable open position list and even have time to walk in the afternoon again. So I do.

I come home at about the same time and change into something more relaxing. I set up the Wii fit and start walking or running or hula hooping while Shoobs makes me dinner. I have been able to get about 20 – 30 minutes in consistently and that makes me feel good. I eat a healthy meal. Ever since our TN trip, Shelby has been super motivated to get healthier and so our meals usually consist of some combination of steamed cabbage, green beans, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet corn, cucumber, tomato, green onion, and either red beans, black beans, or baked beans. Sometimes there’s rice. Sometimes he has fish or lamb or whatever meat he found for $2 on manager special that day. And since he has amazing seasoning skills, everything is delicious.

And then we sit on the couch. And watch TV. Because while the computer was broken (which it is not anymore!!!!), we were so bored out of our minds staring at each other all night that we signed up for Netflix again. Every once in a while I get antsy and run up and down the stairs for a glass of water or a bowl of fruit. I’ll do some crunches or jog in place. But mostly I sit in front of Netflix and waste away the hours with the iPad, fixing up my farm or assigning tasks to characters or getting the best possible score in Tetris.

And then I go to bed (at like 10) and read a book, listening to Shelby clinking away in the kitchen, cleaning the HAZMAT area that was dinner prep. He checks on me at some point, pulls the open book from my lifeless hand and makes sure to mark my place. The lights go out. I wake up at about 2am to an empty bed and search for him, usually finding him folding laundry or cleaning something. My husband works the graveyard shift.

And then it starts all over. It’s mostly comforting, and mostly boring. Sometimes I want to institute a mandatory date night each week, but we try and find at least one thing different to do each week anyway. I’m playing hooky next week so we can go to the beach for a day. This week we baked together (last night). Last week was his birthday party.
And like I say, by mid-August we will both have separate rehearsal schedules for separate productions and will wish we had 30 minutes to sit with each other on the couch, let alone a whole evening.

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