And the Fun Continues

Thursday was pretty solid heavy rain from about 11am through long after I went to bed. I’m not talking a gentle little sprinkle with the occasional burst. I am talking power washing your car, sheets blowing across the sky type rain. I had an appointment in the morning, but managed to get into the office before the downpour started. I did not plan my parking very well, assuming that if it rained, it would be finished long before 5, but I was wrong. I waited until the rain seemed the slowest I had seen it and headed into the mist. Halfway to my car, the sky opened again as if the angels were lying on the side of the above ground pool to let all the water out.

Soaked, slightly cranky, and starving, I make my entrance into what is usually a loving and happy home.

“Honey I’m home!”

Grumble grumble.

“How was your day?”

Sad face, grumble, pout.

“Are you going to talk to me? What’s the matter?”

Grabs my hand and leads me to the back room. The back room that is under an inch of water. The carpeted back room that should be under no water.

“What happened?! Do we have a leak?”

“Not from the ceiling.”

Are you kidding me, we have a leak from the outside? We have a huge sliding glass door and my first thought was the seal broke. That somehow the rain had poured at just the right angle to get through all the cracks. But I didn’t see any drips, nothing wet on the walls, and the majority of the water was in the corner of the house opposite the glass door.

My second thought was that maybe the roof was leaking in the outdoor closet. It is attached to the back of the house and the location of the water in the guest room made sense if the leak was coming from the closet. I ran outside to check. No leak in the roof. The water heater however…

One of the pipes had burst and was shooting water into the air. There was about 4-6 inches of water on the floor in the closet. Begin panic mode. Shelby turned off what he thought was the main line water but the water heater kept spewing. He turned knobs and opened and closed levers on the water heater itself but the leak just seemed to get worse. I started running around the house trying to find the home warranty phone number but called the HOA instead. If it had been a sitcom, it would have been hilarious. But since it was my house and my stuff, there was little humor to be found.

While I was on the phone placing the emergency work order (what a joke) Shelby was watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how the heck to make the water stop. After what seemed like an hour but was probably closer to 10 minutes, we found the actual main line to the water and cut it off. The tank stopped erupting. I swept as much water out of the closet as possible. We put down towels and picked up boxes. And started patiently waiting for the after hours plumber to contact us.

As I held my phone, it buzzed and shook and screeched and alerted us once again that there was a tornado warning for our area. Extra annoying this time seeing as how we just unloaded half our closet into the backyard. Not only do we get to be the neighbors that flood, but also the neighbors who’s beach umbrella broke someone’s car or whatever.

And then the power went out.

I’m not sure how we made it through the night without screaming or crying. No running water meant no flushing toilets. Constant rain and tornado warning meant no outdoor excursions. No power meant no TV, DVDs, music, fans to dry the floor, Wi-Fi to play our games and no way to charge our rapidly dying phones. We read books by candlelight. Sounds romantic, but in actuality, super boring.

The plumber never called. The power did come on somewhere between midnight and 3, but went out again. The water was still off. Friday was rough. But not as rough as Saturday…

I got connected with the plumbers who said they would be out between 2 and 6 Friday. Not exactly a small window. Luckily I have a house boy who can sit around and wait. They eventually came, replaced the section of pipe that was broken and extended it so there wasn’t as much pressure on the connections. They relit the pilot light and reinsulated the exposed bits. What they did not do was check the valves. While I thought everything was peachy keen, the mostly empty water heater was still sitting mostly empty by the time I got up for Saturday morning yoga.

I learned a lot on Saturday. Like how the hot water pipes are a closed system. All water comes from the water heater. So if there is not water in the water heater, there is not water in the faucet. And that means a spurty, weird, and frigid shower. I also learned that it takes about 4 hours for an empty water heater to heat to full capacity and that men have jokes about hot water and living with women which are not very helpful.

By 3:30 Saturday afternoon, we had power, water, hot water, and a still very wet, very smelly back room.  Oh yeah, and a huge rust stain on the carpet now. So that’s awesome. I guess that’s what we get for saying we didn’t need to replace that carpet. Why can’t anything be easy?


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