Bedroom painted. Trim painted. Doors painted and hardware replaced. Curtain rod and curtains hung.

Well, I say bedroom painted which is mostly correct. There is about a foot of one wall near the highest point in the ceiling that hasn’t been reached yet. Our friend Beth was supposed to come over Monday with her ladder, but she got her days confused and realized it is this COMING Monday and not this PAST Monday that she has off from work. So, we still have the one wall to complete and until that happens, the room is still in a bit of disarray.

It makes me feel a little like a crazy person. Or like the grandparents from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.


Everything has been pushed into the center of the room which means that everything is closely packed around the bed. I can get just about anything out of the dresser or off the shelves without ever leaving the warmth of my covers. I have a tiny escape nook on my side which makes trying to get out of bed every morning quite the acrobatic event.

But the room is painted which is another huge step in Operation: Get the Heck Out of This Tiny House. And that makes me happy.


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