Practice Makes Perfect

I applied for a position today. I have not submitted an application in years. Though I am pretty certain this (my first application) will not go far, I have submitted an application. I have set something in motion that my brain is struggling to keep up with.

Ironically, my primary fear is interviewing. I interview people almost every day. I see the fear in their faces and laugh with them to break the ice but we both know I subjectively evaluate them based on the answers they are about to give me and their skill in the delivery. I don’t know how to feel about the possibility of being on the other side of the desk.

I have never been good at the sell. I am horrible at the interview. I have constantly struggled with rationalizing and therefore communicating how I would be better than anyone else. But I know how I work and I know how long it takes me to get familiar with something new. No matter the position, I will be the best person for the job if not day 1 then certainly by day 90.

I foresee this blog becoming a document of record for interview questions and the best way I know how to answer them. I can’t think of a better way to practice other than to carefully consider, cut & paste, reorganize, rethink, and present a final answer to the verse. An “anonymous” opportunity to articulate my strengths, weaknesses, and all the other ridiculous things people in my profession will request of me. I apologize for any boredom this may cause.

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