The Zen Master and the Little Boy

One year a little boy received a horse from his father as a birthday present. The entire village exclaimed “How wonderful to have received a horse!” The Zen Master said “We’ll see.”

Several years later the boy had an accident while riding his horse. The resulting injuries would cripple him permanently. The entire village said “How awful.” The Zen Master said “We’ll see.”

Sometime after that the village was at war and all males of all ages were required to fight except for the boy since he was now crippled. The entire village said “How fortunate.” The Zen Master said “We’ll see.”

My husband lost his job which seems like a ridiculous phrase because we know exactly where it is, he just doesn’t have it anymore. I don’t have answers. I don’t even know all the questions. Does this change my job search? We’ll see. Does this mean we stop looking for a new house? We’ll see. Will we change our lives significantly or will he have a new job in a month?

It always has been and I fear always will be my dilemma. I can almost always see both sides. I survived in this house on marginally less income so I know it can be done. I have friends and siblings who are surviving and have survived on significantly less. I saved what I could within reason and so I don’t feel panic about paying our bills (or mortgage) over the next few months. It may be the push I need to find a better paying job to keep us up with our “former” lifestyle. But I know my company is stable and my benefits are sound so the risk of something new may not be the smartest decision right now.

It would be nice to have someone at home cooking and cleaning and dedicating 8ish hours per day to getting the house saleable. And with only one source of income, we might now qualify for the USDA 100% financing loan. But it might be just as easy to refinance and live where we are for a few more years. Or is it even too soon to start thinking about that?

Not to even mention what his thoughts are. I can only imagine what type of impact this has on him. He’s not the “me man, you woman, me must support you” type, but being unemployed can’t feel good.

So, we’ll wait a few days. We’ll let the reality sink in along with the boredom or relief or whatever comes. And then we’ll figure out a goal based on my husband’s fresh start. And then, my friends, we’ll see.

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