The Clothes…

We have to have separate closets. We shared the closet upstairs for a while but it got pretty cramped so we split. Shelby took the closet downstairs and I took the one in our bedroom. (Given other factors, namely a broken shower, this divide made sense.)

This is the part where I vent about my husband’s addiction to online shopping. At least once a month I will come home from work to find a discarded box with thin plastic sleeves spilling from it. Further investigation will usually reveal 2 or 3 new shirts, maybe a pair of pants or a new pair of shoes, and almost always a handful of socks. We are not technically in financial trouble (though we don’t have a prayer of a down payment for a new house). I don’t mind that he treats himself to something that will make him happy. But there are two primary issues I have with this habit.

1)      He complains every month about the status of his credit card. We have a joint account that is used for the majority of our expenses but we each have our separate accounts (in separate banks) for individual treats. All of his monthly paycheck goes to our joint account. From my bi-weekly check, Net Amount X goes to my account, Net Amount X goes to his account, and the rest goes to our joint savings. That’s 2X per month! Sometimes 3X! The only thing I know of still being routinely charged to his account is his wireless expenses. There is no reason he shouldn’t be able to pay down his credit card but I still hear about how we haven’t paid off the honeymoon or he never gets enough money to pay it off. WE PAID $6000+ TO FIX OUR BATHROOM FROM OUR SAVINGS LAST YEAR! How can you possibly still have charges from 2 years ago? Is it perhaps charges from last month and that swanky pair of red pants I’ve not seen you wear once?

2)      He never gets rid of anything. I have worked through drawers full of shirts that don’t fit, socks that have never been worn, paint splattered shorts. Every time I ask if we can get rid of this thing now, he melts into a 3 year-old child that has just been told it’s bedtime. Sometimes I challenge him, he has a minor tantrum, and then we agree on 5 things we can donate or toss. He will never volunteer anything without being asked. His collection has gotten out of control.

He had to move out of the downstairs closet and took the big closet upstairs. Now there is no room upstairs. I keep buying more and more hangers and we keep not having enough hangers. Our pitiful washer and dryer can’t keep up. I am worried about the structural integrity of the closet rod. The middle is sagging pretty significantly and the bracing is starting to crack. The last thing we need right now is to have his wardrobe rip a hole in the wall.

So I’ve done what any wife would do, I’ve donated items without asking first. And if any of you tell him, I will be forced to hunt you down.


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