The Stuff…


Both of us have a sentimental side (some of us more than others ahem). There is a container somewhere that is full of hand turkeys and ornaments that I made when I was 5 through to Middle School trophies and pieces of debris I collected from every show I worked on in High School. 1 container. I’ve added a few picture albums and maybe another script or two. There is also some very delicious artwork created by a very delicious nephew. But it still fits into 1 container. He has smaller quantities of similar collections in, on, and under almost every surface in our house. I see the value in keeping some of it. But some of it has got to go. We don’t have a game cube anymore, we don’t need to keep the hand-made controller containment box. We don’t need the matchbook or movie ticket stubs from whatever first date that was. The box full of old membership cards from the days we actually used to go out and were required to “join” a club in order to get in can go. Not like the Golf Club of Sir Henry Michael Twittington, like a club called The Cave. Or Hell, remember Hell? Much as he’d like to believe our membership card will be prized memorabilia some day, it won’t. The memories of youth can live on without this clutter.

We have approximately 25 pieces of art that almost met their final destiny at the bottom of a garbage heap somewhere. Instead, they were rescued from certain death to live out a rather dull and depressing life in a stack in the back of one of our closets. We have plenty of hand thrown and painted pottery. We have masks home made by a friend in Paperhand, photos taken and framed creatively, and a variety of other crafts that were created specifically with one of us in mind. And of course, scripts. Everywhere there are scripts. Plays we have done, plays we have thought about doing, plays that were being given away.

I am rather looking forward to our funky art tastefully displayed throughout our home, intermingled with the more traditional pieces. Who else will ever have a cabin boy painted on a kitchen cabinet door (Cabinet Boy) to proudly decorate their home?  I like that we have such a variety of mediums, paint on canvas, charcoal sketches, and marker (?) on wood. I don’t like that we have no room to keep them, no room to display them, and the collection keeps growing.

This is to say nothing of our CD, DVD, and VHS collection. And video games for Xbox and Wii. And books! With one paltry bookshelf which itself is a handmade piece of crappy furniture with shelf height and depth specifically designed for DVDs. Woe is me.

We need a bigger house. We need better furniture. We need to lead an adult life. End of.


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