Cheers for the Weekend

Some friends of ours moved to Asheville at the end of the summer. This weekend though, they came back! Shoobs and I have been nominated the most responsible and the best hosts, so they stayed with us. I have no idea how we became the most responsible and the best hosts, but there you have it.

I spent all week completely obliterating our house before dismally attempting to have it guest ready. I took down Christmas, repacked everything, reorganized our closets, filled two boxes for the goodwill, vacuumed, and laundered, even wiped down the counters and stove tops. We got all of our Christmas presents put together and functioning. We cleaned out the junk drawers and filled Rubbermaid’s for storage. I even rearranged some of the artwork. All, mind you, while still attending rehearsals nightly for my current project. By the time our guests arrived on Friday, I was exhausted.

Friday night we stayed up late and chatted. They had things to do in town Saturday so we went our separate ways. I went to yoga (I am quite proud that I still go to yoga every Saturday possible) and when I got home, just spent most of Saturday relaxing. Apparently a tornado hit somewhere in our town. Didn’t come near us that I could tell. We had rain all day, but it’s been raining here for like a week, so it went by unnoticed.

We hosted a poker party Saturday night. Everything was going just grand until about 11:30. I stubbornly refused to listen to my husband and continued to lean backward in what was already a dangerously shaky chair. Of course, I fell. And maybe broke my thumb. (Exaggeration again. I can still use it so it simply isn’t broken, but I can’t use it for anything that requires too much pressure, like opening a jar of spaghetti sauce, and the entire thing is black and blue. So some damage was done.) The rest of the night is kind of a blur of agony and kicking butt at poker before being wisely sent to bed. $5 buy in and I walked out of the game hours before it was over with $11. Shoobs walked away with $22. All in all, great night for us!

And then Sunday. Shoobs wanted to say goodbye to our guests when they left so he set an alarm for 8:30 despite having come to bed at 4am. But I was already wide awake. I had gotten the text an hour earlier that nephew number 3 may be making his debut. He eventually decided it was too cold and he could wait a little while longer. A few hours later mom and baby were sent home the same way they had arrived, as one.

The rest of Sunday we cleaned up after the party, washed the sheets for our new guests coming on Saturday, napped, and enjoyed each other’s video games. The huz fancies a casino trip in our future and has been practicing Craps online. We each have a profile set up in one of his Christmas gift Xbox games (Assassins Creed) and so we rotated 15 minutes on the computer, 15 minutes on the Xbox. It was fun.

And now it’s Monday, my thumb still hurts but the swelling has gone down. Rehearsals begin again this evening. And I suppose I should answer some of these phone calls before voicemail. 


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