I know I know

Back off! I’m busy!

She said to the world and anyone who would listen.

Got raked through the coals a bit at work because apparently my 80 hours per week has not been enough to satisfy the masses. Well smarties, I have offers out to every single one of my priority positions, so you can SUCK IT!

While work continues to be a challenge for me, and a stressor for my marriage, Shelby is rocking it out at his job. But tonight, we date. A much needed outdoor excursion. Just the two of us. Wild and free to go to a play where all of our friends will be and thus we are not actually going on a date but rather a social engagement where others we know will harass us. But still! We will exit the house. I will not sit beside him and watch him play Skyrim. He will not sit beside me and watch me review resumes. We will GO OUT! If I leave now, we may even go to dinner. Oooooooh.

Whatever, this too shall pass. We will see where this month leads me. Thank you for sticking around though I have not been very informative of late. You rock.