Opening Night

Holy smokes my feet hurt.

If you have not seen this yet, you have not lived…

For those of you I haven’t bored with this information yet, I am in a rolling pub crawl adaptation of Richard the II called RICHIE. It starts at Fullsteam in downtown Durham. Then me and 18 women traipse through the streets in scandalous outfits for about 2 hours before climbing down into a half-pipe pit in a sweaty smelly dogpile. Oh yeah, did I mention I am wearing 3 inch heels the entire time?

It is super fun and I am having a total blast, but I am tired. We have been rehearsing all this week. In costume. In public. Since we don’t have a home base, I have to do most everything from home. Hair, makeup. Which means I have to leave my house looking like a bus hit Amy Winehouse. Oh the theatre.

But it is fun. I will totally be ready for a break Sunday. And a foot bath. Luckily I got Shoobs one for Christmas, because I am smart. And also because gift giving when you’re married means buying them something they like that you can also use, so like buying gifts for yourself. Like an iPod for their birthday.

Anyway, I am at work, so I should probably pretend to do that. Have a great day! See you on tha street!


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