We pretty much search for houses every day. It is exciting and depressing, because we are still a long way off. But it is still nice to know that even if we buy a house double what we paid for my current townhouse, we can still potentially pay less each month. That is amazing.

We found one place about 30 minutes south of here that comes with 10 acres! A bit extreme, but it exists. There is also a place in Hillsborough that has 2+ acres. I think 1/4-1 acre is what we are really targeting, have room for a nice deck, maybe a pool, a garden, and still have plenty of room for the dogs and kids we will eventually have; enough to require a rider mower. We’ve agreed that I will do the yard work. I love yard work. Something about the smell of grass, the effort of plucking weeds and planting trees, lemonade on the deck after a hard days work, I can’t wait. Of course, I will also probably continue to do the majority of the inside work, but as long as I can keep hubby in the kitchen, that is just fine by me.

I started rehearsals for my new play. It is a pub crawl style version of Shakespeare’s Richard II. I am having a really good time. It turns out that I spend the majority of my time with the cool girls, both literally (actual actors are super nice and great to be around) and figuratively (I am part of the “it” crowd who does all the cool things). So rehearsals tend to be more fun than work and tend to fly right by. Of course, I don’t have a ton of lines, so it’s mostly just playing and acting silly. Tonight, I have my two “big” scenes to work on. So I am a little nervous, but hoping everything will be just fine and they won’t realize they made a huge mistake in hiring me.

We randomly had discussion around our characters one night. I was vastly unprepared and so went with a gut instinct I had when I first read the script. It worked, they love the idea, and now it I am stuck with it. No biggie, I like the idea myself, just wish I had more time to prepare. This character choice of mine has successfully inserted me into a niche group of folks, meaning I share the spotlight with the key people of the scene most of the time. So I am totally there and important, even if I don’t have important things to say. Smart cookie!

I get $300 for this show. $300 to tuck away to pay for new paint, tile, or go toward a vanity or toilet. We have decided to dissolve our other company (more on that later) which means we’ll split the profits and head our separate ways. Since Shoobs and I were so new, and the company is struggling badly, I doubt we will get anything for it, but I hope we will. We have, after all, worked very hard.

I should do work. There is only so much I can put off for so long. Have wonderful days, and chat with you soon!


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