I am starving this morning. But instead of making eggs, I’m updating!

It is once again the perfect lazy day. Rain tinkles against the sky light while rolling thunder drums in the distance. I’m uploading pictures so we can FINALLY send the thank you notes that have mostly been written and sitting on the loft wall.

We’ve looked at houses. We’ve booked a contractor to re-do the upstairs bathroom and fix the tub. He’s going to cut a hole in the ceiling from the downstairs bathroom, which means we will also get to fix some of the problems there. Its scary, terrifying, but I am so ready to be in a new house. And I’m a grown-up, I can figure out how to do this. It can’t be that hard. And even if it is that hard, I’ll just cry a little (or a lot) and call family in a panic. And hopefully Gill will have moved into her house by then so the parents are free to take me in. 🙂

The good news is that Shelby and I are basically in agreement about everything, how many rooms, how much land, what things are important to have and what things are nice. The only thing we can’t agree on is where. We’ve pretty much decided we aren’t going any further East, Raleigh and Cary are not our people. I want to head west where the tax is cheeper, the houses are bigger, and you can get more land for your dollar. Also, apparently, every house comes with it’s own lake or pond.

We are certainly going to have a deck. And a porch. I need outside spaces. And we’ll have the entertainment room, solely set up with our big screen TV and our Wii and the new X-Box we’ll buy. And we’ll paint and buy new furniture to go in it. So, also, if someone wants to win the lottery…


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