Part 2

Saturday at the beach was perfect. The sun was bright, the sea was warm, and the shade was cool. We loaded up our cooler with some sodas and beers and pimento cheese (thanks Shoobs!), grabbed the umbrella and beach bags (now complete with towels) and walked one block to the public beach access. We picked a lovely spot away from the crowds and hoodlums and commenced relaxing.

In short order, a counselor and three boys from “surf camp” settled directly in front of us to wait for their comrades to return from the waves. I must say, my view improved greatly.

We spent most of the morning doing nothing much, occasionally walking, sometimes swimming, mostly laying around reading or listening to music. We all started to get a grumble in our tummies at about the same time which conveniently aligned with a dark cloud that was rapidly approaching. I made the executive decision to pack everything up and head back as a group to the room. No sooner had we gotten in and settled into lunch than the sky opened up and the rain poureth.

The storm only lasted about an hour or two. Luckily, we had been warned that rain was imminent and we packed games. We played for a while, and when the storm let up, we went back to the beach.

We had dinner at Shelby’s favorite restaurant. We walked around the stores a little bit, but mostly we were interested in settling on the back deck at the hotel which we had commandeered as our own for socialization and close proximity to beds. Perfection.

Sunday on the other hand…


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