Holy Crap I Love the Beach

The only place Shelby and I have ever gone together is Topsail Island. I love that place. I am sure I would love just about any other beach as much as I love Topsail, but this place really feels like our beach. We have our special spots, the slam dunk restaurants, the savvy to find the best places on the sand. It reminds me of Pensacola, knowing exactly where to go and not go, exactly what you need and don’t need.

We left much later than we expected to on Friday. I was hoping for a 2 pm departure, we left closer to 4. That put us through Raleigh at rush hour in the rain. Once again, a crappy start to a blissful vacation. Despite the traffic, we still made pretty good time. We pulled in to our beach dive hotel/house thing and were pleasantly surprised at how nice and not divey it was. We were the first of 6 to arrive so we unloaded the cooler, claimed our room, and got the space prepared for a weekend of friends.

While we waited for the others to arrive, we took our first crack at a walk down the beach. It was super windy, but overall a wonderful stroll. The sun was setting behind the dunes. The pelicans were soaring. Hardly anyone was left to bother us. We then went to WINGS, if you know the beach, you know WINGS. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky. We realized that in all of our preparation, we had everything anyone could possibly want for a weekend (or week for that matter) adventure to the beach with one exception…we forgot to pack our beach towels. 😉

Purchases made and a phone call later left us heading back to let in the next couple, S and M. Ordered pizza, talked, snacked, and shortly A and N arrived and our party was complete.

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