I cannot even believe it has taken us this long to get to the beach this year. We are mid-way through the middle of the summer, and still I have not touched sand and surf. But we are going this week my friends. Thank goodness Shoobs was born in the summer and double thank goodness he likes the beach. I married right!

Tomorrow is the day he gets his ACTUAL GIFT. I can’t wait. I reeeeeeeeeeally hope I got him a good/right thing. I shant say it here just in case someone let’s it slip. But it is super and will benefit both of us, because let’s face it, gift giving in marriage is a little selfish sometimes.

So anyway, he will get that tomorrow, and then we will have everything we need for birthday beach times. Friends, games, sunblock (he was not super excited about that gift. Whatever, 31 days in this month. Deal with a crappy gift or two.), sand, sun, surf, and surf city crab shak or whatever it is. Shoobs’ fave beach dive.

I took a half day Friday so we could go up early together. I took a half day Monday so we could spend all day Sunday if we wanted. I am doing this beach thing right.

And then not getting another vacation for like ever.

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