Cedar Point

Holy crap that place is awesome.

We got up at a decent hour Friday. The three of us ladies shared the bathroom remarkably well, no fighting, no hitting, just rotating through showers and mirrors. (Cor’s shower is also pretty awesome. Three girls took showers, not condensed in any way from our everyday shower [I don’t think] and the hot water and water pressure kept up.) We woofed down some cereal, packed a bag, and headed out the door by 8:00am. One quick stop and we were on our way.

Three hours later, we pulled in our parking space, shoved everything to the trunk, and waltzed in to Cedar Point.

The decision was made to work our way methodically through the park. We started to the left and tried to hit every coaster as we made our way around. The park is huge. In 11 hours, we were able to ride only one ride twice.

I don’t know if it was due to it being Friday the 13th specifically, or Friday in general, but we hardly ever had to wait. Even the longest of lines took only 45 minutes. For the most part, our wait consisted of waiting for the next train to show up and let us on. The weather was quite agreeable, a little warm at times but the set-ups over and throughout the place kept us nice and cool.

My favorite ride…the Dragster. I think if I had been required to wait in line much longer than I was, I would have like it less. The entire ride takes about 15 seconds. You are shot forward. Literally. You hit 120+ MPH in three seconds. You go straight up 420 feet in the air, crest, and head 420 feet straight down. Holy crap it is incredible.

Cak and Cor agree that their favorite is Millennium Force, my number 2. It swiftly scuttles you to the top, 310 feet in the air. All three of us compared notes and all three of us grayed out at the top a little. It was weird. But then, oh but then, it drops you off the top, launching you to speeds of 93 MPH on one of the smoothest tracks I have ever ridden. You seem to glide over the rails. There’s no jerking, no slamming your head against a head rest (because the headrest doesn’t exist), just a sensation of flying.

The girls are up now, so I better socialize and decide what we are doing today. Sister weekend!


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