We hired another new HR team member, and as such are having to redistribute a ton of filing cabinets and such. The current plan is to build an office in the HR suite, but until the money gets approved, we’ll be rocking it cubicle style.

In this shuffling, I have decided to rearrange my office just a bit. In doing so, I’ve noted that the few pictures I have up are very limited. I don’t have many pics anyway, but… As an example, the picture I have of me and Shelby is from my older sister’s wedding. Like, 5 months after we became officially exclusive. Old.

So, I am on a mission. I have actually gone out and ordered 3 (I know only 3 but still 3!) wedding pictures. 1 for Shoobs’ birthday, one for scuz, and one for my office.

Oh! Did I tell you about Shelby’s birthday!? No, because I was trying to keep it super secret. July is Shelby’s birthday month, and since we did something very spectacular for my birthday month (ummmm St. Lucia followed by New Orleans) I wanted to give him something special. So, we are celebrating birthday month. All month. Everyday this month he is getting a gift from me. Some are crappy, some are great. He will get his official, big, this is your real birthday gift gift on the 19th. That’s his actual b-day (cough – hint). And we are going to the beach for a long weekend from Friday the 20th – Monday the 23rd. We’ve discussed and decided that next weekend, when I am otherwise unavailable to mysteriously deliver packages from my secret hiding places, I will hide them about the house and send him hunting everyday.

Because, I am also totally going to OH! It’s almost a year later, so about freakin time I visited the sis to check out her digs in my old stomping grounds. A year since she and her spankin new hubby moved into their apartment.

So much news, so little time. Check you later!


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