To be, or not to be.

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern is putting on an adaptation of Richard the 2 by Shakespeare. We have renamed it RICHIE. It is an all female cast, and despite the fact that I will be working with about 25 girls, I am really genuinely excited about the production.

Rather than your typical theatre show, where you sit in a seat and watch stuff on a stage, we will be taking this production through the streets of Durham; Pub Crawl style.

The basic story (as I know it through this adaptation) is of an heiress who spends all of her time clubbing. She surrounds herself with party people and spends all of her money at different bars on different continents. And then of course, when the money runs out, the people she stepped on to get to the top come crawling up the ladder to throw her off of it. The idea is to start at one of the local bars in Durham, have the next stop (banishment scene) be in a gym on the corner, followed by a few more bars with back patios and dance floors, to end in a skate park half-pipe. We’ll have a band of bodyguards following along with us to keep the crazies from getting too close, and to remind those hangers-on that they need to purchase a ticket in order to travel with us.

Logistical nightmare, glad I don’t have to be involved in that part. But I am super excited to be a party girl. I am Bagot, renamed for our production. I hang with Richie and dance and groove for the first half of the show, and then I disappear for a sizeable chunk of the play, then reappear at the end. I am one of few that stays alive.

We had our first two rehearsals and now we are off until August. This thing has the potential to be really awesome. I can’t wait.


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