Smashing Success

Shelby and I participated in a smashing success of a performance this weekend. It was a 1970s review a la Sunny and Cher. We helped re-enact the commercial breaks. The seats were filled with 40-50 somethings who listened to these jingles over and over in a decade they could remember. It was heartwarming to hear them all sing along with me to the Oscar Mayer Bologna commercial. We had a live band that stayed and played after and had a wonderful time at the dance party.

And the rest of the weekend was pretty great as well. Shelby spent a lot of the time at the theatre and I adamantly refused to do so. I stayed at home and alternated between cleaning hous and laying out in the backyard. We’re going to the beach in July to celebrate Shelby’s birthday and I can’t be the whitest thing out there. Now, thanks to this weekend, I’m not!

Sunday night we went to the Moroccan chef’s for dinner. He has been overseas for the last two months, and his wife just got back from a trip to Denmark, so after a week of each other, they were ready to celebrate their return with friends. They bought a new grill and made some (obviously) delicious food. He doesn’t believe vegetables are food though, so he kept pushing veggies on me until I almost exploaded. It was fantastic.

I got some rest, some housework done, some socialization. I think that sums up a fantastic weekend.

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