Life Springs!

My first tomato turned red! My first tomato turned red! And I went to pluck it, and something had already taken a few bites. Dang squirrels.

But, the peppers are bounteous. Get ready for a spicy mexican summer because this cayenne isn’t going to eat itself. Or maybe it will. Who knows.


I obviously went away for my work trip and have come back safely soundly. It was surprisingly more fun than I thought it would be, and I came away with a new work friend. Like, a proper friend I might actually hang out with. So that’s exciting. Otherwise, the event was pretty well attended with lots of folks who might be looking for work in August, so we’ll see if I get any fruit from that tree.

And in other news, we have Ron and Rhonda’s 70’s variety hour this weekend. Shoobs and I are helping two buddies re-enact six 1970s commercials. Chiffon Margarine, Calgon water softener, Oscar Mayer Bologna, Coke, Alkaline Powercell batteries, and Charmin bathroom tissue (please don’t squeeze the Charmin). We have had rehearsals this week, and I am sorry to say how disappointed I have been in them. We show up at 7 to start, and maybe get started at 7:45. And then maybe work on some things. It’s fun to socialize, but I’m tired. I want to work now and socialize later. Or tell me we’re going to socialize and I won’t expect us to do any work. But if you tell me we’re going to work, let’s work.

That little rant over.

I am tired, and I have a presentation to give in 15 minutes, so I suppose I should sign off and review my presentation. Mornings are stupid.


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