I am mighty! As long a there’s a Lowe’s around, I will be able to provide!

We picked the first bell pepper yesterday and ate it. It was delicious. It smelled perfect when it was sliced open. It had the perfect crunch. We stirred it in with some strips of pretend chicken and sweet chili sauce and poured it over rice. Sweet, and the perfect combination of soft crunchiness. I can’t wait for another one.

Tomatos are still not red. But they are bountiful, plump, and green. Goes very well with the yellow leaves. Anyone know why that might be?

I have tons and tons of cayenne peppers growing. I have to look at the tag to see when they will even be ready cuz they are getting pretty long.

And in kitty news…

She’s great except that time between alarm 1 and alarm 2 when it is clear to her that I should be up (after all, the alarm went off) and she will do everything in her power to help me shake off those morning blues. Even if it means batting my nose and biting my hands. And chasing my feet around the sheets. And licking my hair. And standing on my chest. And “oh-good-gracious-aunt-amanda-please-just-get-up-and-play-with-me!”

And the times when she busts in on you when you are in the bathroom.

Other than those times, she is pretty dang great and cute.


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