Sunday Morning

Back to normal-ish.

Shelby stays up late. Like, really really late. And I leave for work early. We’re usually home from work at the same time. We wake up together on Saturday morning to go to Yoga and spend the rest of the day together. The only time I get to myself, with the TV and computer, is Sunday morning.

So now that I have the computer and the TV, I am at a loss for what to say. I’m just watching Grey’s Anatomy, a silly show that I have somehow gotten addicted to. The ladies at work like to talk about it, and I found that it is on Netflix Streaming, so I started watching. And now I am sucked in to what is basically a soap opera in a hospital setting.

And this season is quite aggravating. We all know how well I get along with girlie girls. How much I love everything they have to say, and how much I support their ridiculous decisions. And this season is all about a super girlie girl and her super stupid choices and he flip-flopping conversations. There is enough of the other stories for me to latch onto, so I roll my eyes and groan and keep watching. I have been instructed that this time will pay off in the end when this story resolves.

It is now 11. My Sunday morning comes to a close. I should rouse the beast, make breakfast, take a shower before my matinee. Next weekend I will travel for work. Sunday morning will be spent checking out and getting on a plane. Taking the 30 minute flight from Atlanta home and settling back into the routine. Perhaps those days alone in my hotel will be enough, but sometimes I just wish I had a little more time for me.


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