To be, or not to be.

Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern is putting on an adaptation of Richard the 2 by Shakespeare. We have renamed it RICHIE. It is an all female cast, and despite the fact that I will be working with about 25 girls, I am really genuinely excited about the production.

Rather than your typical theatre show, where you sit in a seat and watch stuff on a stage, we will be taking this production through the streets of Durham; Pub Crawl style.

The basic story (as I know it through this adaptation) is of an heiress who spends all of her time clubbing. She surrounds herself with party people and spends all of her money at different bars on different continents. And then of course, when the money runs out, the people she stepped on to get to the top come crawling up the ladder to throw her off of it. The idea is to start at one of the local bars in Durham, have the next stop (banishment scene) be in a gym on the corner, followed by a few more bars with back patios and dance floors, to end in a skate park half-pipe. We’ll have a band of bodyguards following along with us to keep the crazies from getting too close, and to remind those hangers-on that they need to purchase a ticket in order to travel with us.

Logistical nightmare, glad I don’t have to be involved in that part. But I am super excited to be a party girl. I am Bagot, renamed for our production. I hang with Richie and dance and groove for the first half of the show, and then I disappear for a sizeable chunk of the play, then reappear at the end. I am one of few that stays alive.

We had our first two rehearsals and now we are off until August. This thing has the potential to be really awesome. I can’t wait.



And I’m bored at work. And my boss is on vacation. And so you have to deal with me for a minute.

I’m supposed to go to lunch with my new work friend today. I don’t know where to go. But it is a beautiful day out there today so wherever it is, we are sitting outside because I said so.

Let’s talk about the cat. I know you are just waiting for an update, so I shall now provide it to you. There are times when I look at her and she feels like a grown-up cat. Other times, she looks like a super awkward teenager cat. And still sometimes she looks like a large kitten. She has clearly chosen my lab over Shelby’s, a fact which neither of understands as there is usually far more room on his lap than mine. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe she is trying to remind me that there is more to life than work and iPads. What a smart kitten.

I have had minor complaints that she sleeps on me. She has also taken to scratching under the bed lately which typically results in a loud shouty outburst from either myself or Shelby. We’re thinking of locking her out of the bedroom, but neither of us has the heart to do so. But then I woke up last night and she was nowhere to be found. Most of you know by now that she escaped earlier this week. If you don’t know that, now you do. She had scratched her pad and pulled the front door open. I came down at about 10:30-11p and saw the door wide open. Neither of us could remember seeing her recently, so I grabbed the ounce and rushed out the door. She wasn’t far, I found her in just a few minutes, but still, it happened.

So at 4 this morning when she was not sleeping on me, nor was she near Shelby, nor could I recall the last time I saw her, I went into a bit of a panic. I tried calling out to her, nothing. I tried going into the bathroom (because usually as soon as we do, she follows us in to get water from the sink) and she still remained hidden. I tore through the house, upstairs and down, looking for the pounce. After what seemed like ages but was probably a minute thirty, she lumbered from under the table by the couch downstairs, stretching her legs and claws as she came. Having assured myself of her safety, I went upstairs and settled back in, only to have her chase me up the stairs, scratch under the bed, and then hop on my chest and lick my hair. She’s so weird.

And that is my cat update.

Shelby also cooked with our first round of cayenne peppers last night. Delicious! We are going to have a lot though, so maybe Cor will get some when I come up to visit her. Maybe by then I’ll have some more red tomatoes as well!

Smashing Success

Shelby and I participated in a smashing success of a performance this weekend. It was a 1970s review a la Sunny and Cher. We helped re-enact the commercial breaks. The seats were filled with 40-50 somethings who listened to these jingles over and over in a decade they could remember. It was heartwarming to hear them all sing along with me to the Oscar Mayer Bologna commercial. We had a live band that stayed and played after and had a wonderful time at the dance party.

And the rest of the weekend was pretty great as well. Shelby spent a lot of the time at the theatre and I adamantly refused to do so. I stayed at home and alternated between cleaning hous and laying out in the backyard. We’re going to the beach in July to celebrate Shelby’s birthday and I can’t be the whitest thing out there. Now, thanks to this weekend, I’m not!

Sunday night we went to the Moroccan chef’s for dinner. He has been overseas for the last two months, and his wife just got back from a trip to Denmark, so after a week of each other, they were ready to celebrate their return with friends. They bought a new grill and made some (obviously) delicious food. He doesn’t believe vegetables are food though, so he kept pushing veggies on me until I almost exploaded. It was fantastic.

I got some rest, some housework done, some socialization. I think that sums up a fantastic weekend.

Life Springs!

My first tomato turned red! My first tomato turned red! And I went to pluck it, and something had already taken a few bites. Dang squirrels.

But, the peppers are bounteous. Get ready for a spicy mexican summer because this cayenne isn’t going to eat itself. Or maybe it will. Who knows.


I obviously went away for my work trip and have come back safely soundly. It was surprisingly more fun than I thought it would be, and I came away with a new work friend. Like, a proper friend I might actually hang out with. So that’s exciting. Otherwise, the event was pretty well attended with lots of folks who might be looking for work in August, so we’ll see if I get any fruit from that tree.

And in other news, we have Ron and Rhonda’s 70’s variety hour this weekend. Shoobs and I are helping two buddies re-enact six 1970s commercials. Chiffon Margarine, Calgon water softener, Oscar Mayer Bologna, Coke, Alkaline Powercell batteries, and Charmin bathroom tissue (please don’t squeeze the Charmin). We have had rehearsals this week, and I am sorry to say how disappointed I have been in them. We show up at 7 to start, and maybe get started at 7:45. And then maybe work on some things. It’s fun to socialize, but I’m tired. I want to work now and socialize later. Or tell me we’re going to socialize and I won’t expect us to do any work. But if you tell me we’re going to work, let’s work.

That little rant over.

I am tired, and I have a presentation to give in 15 minutes, so I suppose I should sign off and review my presentation. Mornings are stupid.


I am mighty! As long a there’s a Lowe’s around, I will be able to provide!

We picked the first bell pepper yesterday and ate it. It was delicious. It smelled perfect when it was sliced open. It had the perfect crunch. We stirred it in with some strips of pretend chicken and sweet chili sauce and poured it over rice. Sweet, and the perfect combination of soft crunchiness. I can’t wait for another one.

Tomatos are still not red. But they are bountiful, plump, and green. Goes very well with the yellow leaves. Anyone know why that might be?

I have tons and tons of cayenne peppers growing. I have to look at the tag to see when they will even be ready cuz they are getting pretty long.

And in kitty news…

She’s great except that time between alarm 1 and alarm 2 when it is clear to her that I should be up (after all, the alarm went off) and she will do everything in her power to help me shake off those morning blues. Even if it means batting my nose and biting my hands. And chasing my feet around the sheets. And licking my hair. And standing on my chest. And “oh-good-gracious-aunt-amanda-please-just-get-up-and-play-with-me!”

And the times when she busts in on you when you are in the bathroom.

Other than those times, she is pretty dang great and cute.

Sunday Morning

Back to normal-ish.

Shelby stays up late. Like, really really late. And I leave for work early. We’re usually home from work at the same time. We wake up together on Saturday morning to go to Yoga and spend the rest of the day together. The only time I get to myself, with the TV and computer, is Sunday morning.

So now that I have the computer and the TV, I am at a loss for what to say. I’m just watching Grey’s Anatomy, a silly show that I have somehow gotten addicted to. The ladies at work like to talk about it, and I found that it is on Netflix Streaming, so I started watching. And now I am sucked in to what is basically a soap opera in a hospital setting.

And this season is quite aggravating. We all know how well I get along with girlie girls. How much I love everything they have to say, and how much I support their ridiculous decisions. And this season is all about a super girlie girl and her super stupid choices and he flip-flopping conversations. There is enough of the other stories for me to latch onto, so I roll my eyes and groan and keep watching. I have been instructed that this time will pay off in the end when this story resolves.

It is now 11. My Sunday morning comes to a close. I should rouse the beast, make breakfast, take a shower before my matinee. Next weekend I will travel for work. Sunday morning will be spent checking out and getting on a plane. Taking the 30 minute flight from Atlanta home and settling back into the routine. Perhaps those days alone in my hotel will be enough, but sometimes I just wish I had a little more time for me.