I Say Again…

This one time, I was great at keeping up with stuff. So great, actually, that I was recognized for it by the GM at work. And then I got busy, and then my personal life fell to the fray.

So now I’m back! From outer space!

Speaking of being recognized by the GM, it happened again. He approached my boss about having me run two projects he wants to initiate. One will be kind of ongoing and boring-ish, and one will be super fun. The boring one is an employee council. We have several folks each quarter that are recognized either by their peers or managers. We have a little ceremony for them, and a cute little certificate and gift package. He would like to invite all those folks to meet with him twice per year to get/give feedback on the division. They are stars, they can make us shine brighter.

The second, much more fun one, is a day excursion to the Durham Ball Park! When I first started, a yearly tradition had been for the company to sponsor an event at the park, including tickets to a Durham Bulls game, picnic, and social event. The following year, that tradition died and we have not done anything fun/teambuildery/morale boosting since. One of our supervisor submitted a proposal to have the event again this year, and if they approve it, they want me to organize it.

I. Am. Terrified.

I can totally put trainings together. I can totally send out barking e-mails threatening (in a nonchalant manner) folks with deadlines and such. The one thing I have never been able to do, ever, is event plan. I panic and die with fright just trying to organize a few friends for game night.

And I have to get this right. He is the GM. He is purposefully grooming me for a position he wants to add to the organization. A position that could double my salary and greatly expand my career options in the future. If I screw this up…

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