Is Anyone Still There?

Holy shmokes! Busy busy times.

Shelby was working on a show. A show which required the computer, so even when I wasn’t busy, I didn’t have a computer at my fingertips. In the meantime, I was asked to stage manage a show. So I started doing that.

Friday, I had off, so I met Shelby at his theatre after his show to watch a movie. Late night later, made it home. Yoga was canceled Saturday, but we were still expecting a friend for brunch, so I couldn’t sleep. I went all domestic again (boy, 30 sure did something to me huh?) and busted out the iron and ironing board. Lest ye get too proud, I think I broke the iron, it heats no more…

Saturday night I worked the box office for Shelby’s show, and stuck around after to help tear down the set. The set that I helped design and create. The set that got a mention in the local theatre review which simply does not happen. In any case, I helped to destroy, repaint, and otherwise completely obliterate my creation until about 2 Sunday morning. We didn’t finish though, so we had to come back at 10. Yuck.

We got finally, truly, and really finished at about 2, and I had just enough time to get home and shower before my 4 o’clock rehearsal. Torture much?

Which leads us to today, when I had to LEAVE MY HOUSE at 6:00 AM. I usually wake up at 7:47. 6 am is a stupid time that does not need to exist for me. Until this morning. I had a job fair to attend at Ft Bragg and you know how the military likes you to be punctual. Never mind the fact that I had to present the gate with not only my license, but my registration as well. Have I mentioned I am super busy and therefore practically living out of my car which is therefore a total disaster area? Because that becomes important in this next bit when I tell you I had to open every door, the trunk, and the hood to let them inspect my total disaster of a temporary housing unit. Oh the good old days when I could pay Round-eye or Cor a tenner to wash and vacuum the old battle-axe.

So that leads us to now. I left the fair early. We had about 100 people in the first half hour, and about 10 people total over the next 2 and 1/2 hours. I did my fair share. I drove the 2 hours home, stopped at Lowes for a few pots and some soil, came home and transplanted my crops, and rested.

My tomatos are looking lovely. I have no tomatos, but my plant is much bigger and better than either plant my neighbor has. (So there neighbor.) My bell peppers are also strong and flowering. And the chili peppers will be much happier in their new home. The herbs are growing well also! We have tapped into the Thyme quite a few times. (In my delusional week of cooking, I found a recipe that Shelby obviously really likes [seeing as how leftovers last less than 24 hours, if there ever were any to begin with] that calls for fresh Thyme, and we use it in our eggs in the morning.) I’m also growing Basil, which will be beautifully lush and big one day soon, if whatever is eating it would kindly stop eating it. I am, perhaps naïvely, anxiously awaiting the summer treats of sliced homegrown tomato with fresh basil and (store bought) mozzarella over toast. MMMM

I also anxiously await, quite naively, the new house with the fantastic open yard with the perfect corner for a real live garden with zucchini and lettuce and corn and everything. Ahhh summer…


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