Record Breaking

I had a record breakingly bad day at work yesterday. So bad, my supervisor told me to go home and drink a glass of wine (at 3pm). I could regale you with the details, but they were so trivial and minor and specifically HR related that no one would understand but G, and she better not be reading this but STUDYING FOR THE BAR!

Needless to say, I went home, took care of some personal stuff, drank some wine (it was a direct order) and chilled out. Much better place today.

I am cat sitting. And she is a-freaking-dorable. She has been zero trouble (knock on wood) so far. She sniffed and bit and chomped on one of our plants when she first got there, but I flicked her jaw and she hasn’t touched them again. She disappears for a while and then comes back and rams her face into your hands or face, because obviously it is time to pay attention to her. She sleeps with us most nights. She didn’t used to sleep at night, and I don’t know what she does all day, but I wake up every morning with her snuggled up by my pillow or in the crook of my legs. She and Shoobs are getting along swimmingly as well.

And I am reminded of her nickname from when we used to live together many years ago. Spastacat. Last night, for example, she was quietly playing downstairs. Then suddenly, without warning, back arched claws spread, she ran up the stairs. Once at the top, her back flattened out, he tail shrunk back down to regular size, she licked her foot, and waltzed right into the bedroom. She emerged about 20 minutes later, stretched out long on the ground in front of us, caught site of Shelby and did a little butt wiggle before hopping on the chair on the opposite side of the room.

I realize that most of this is probably boring, but she is freaking cute and we are digging the company. I may have lost the “our house is too little for pets” argument. Anyone have a dog that needs dog-sat? (Not really. But thanks.)



My In-Laws are in town. So I came home early from work today.

To watch them sleep.

Shelby is upstairs “laying down” for a “few minutes” (has been asleep for half an hour). We spent some time looking at the menu of the restaurant we plan to go to for dinner, but then they must have figured out what they want because they both fell asleep on the couch. With their glasses still on.




I Say Again…

This one time, I was great at keeping up with stuff. So great, actually, that I was recognized for it by the GM at work. And then I got busy, and then my personal life fell to the fray.

So now I’m back! From outer space!

Speaking of being recognized by the GM, it happened again. He approached my boss about having me run two projects he wants to initiate. One will be kind of ongoing and boring-ish, and one will be super fun. The boring one is an employee council. We have several folks each quarter that are recognized either by their peers or managers. We have a little ceremony for them, and a cute little certificate and gift package. He would like to invite all those folks to meet with him twice per year to get/give feedback on the division. They are stars, they can make us shine brighter.

The second, much more fun one, is a day excursion to the Durham Ball Park! When I first started, a yearly tradition had been for the company to sponsor an event at the park, including tickets to a Durham Bulls game, picnic, and social event. The following year, that tradition died and we have not done anything fun/teambuildery/morale boosting since. One of our supervisor submitted a proposal to have the event again this year, and if they approve it, they want me to organize it.

I. Am. Terrified.

I can totally put trainings together. I can totally send out barking e-mails threatening (in a nonchalant manner) folks with deadlines and such. The one thing I have never been able to do, ever, is event plan. I panic and die with fright just trying to organize a few friends for game night.

And I have to get this right. He is the GM. He is purposefully grooming me for a position he wants to add to the organization. A position that could double my salary and greatly expand my career options in the future. If I screw this up…

Is Anyone Still There?

Holy shmokes! Busy busy times.

Shelby was working on a show. A show which required the computer, so even when I wasn’t busy, I didn’t have a computer at my fingertips. In the meantime, I was asked to stage manage a show. So I started doing that.

Friday, I had off, so I met Shelby at his theatre after his show to watch a movie. Late night later, made it home. Yoga was canceled Saturday, but we were still expecting a friend for brunch, so I couldn’t sleep. I went all domestic again (boy, 30 sure did something to me huh?) and busted out the iron and ironing board. Lest ye get too proud, I think I broke the iron, it heats no more…

Saturday night I worked the box office for Shelby’s show, and stuck around after to help tear down the set. The set that I helped design and create. The set that got a mention in the local theatre review which simply does not happen. In any case, I helped to destroy, repaint, and otherwise completely obliterate my creation until about 2 Sunday morning. We didn’t finish though, so we had to come back at 10. Yuck.

We got finally, truly, and really finished at about 2, and I had just enough time to get home and shower before my 4 o’clock rehearsal. Torture much?

Which leads us to today, when I had to LEAVE MY HOUSE at 6:00 AM. I usually wake up at 7:47. 6 am is a stupid time that does not need to exist for me. Until this morning. I had a job fair to attend at Ft Bragg and you know how the military likes you to be punctual. Never mind the fact that I had to present the gate with not only my license, but my registration as well. Have I mentioned I am super busy and therefore practically living out of my car which is therefore a total disaster area? Because that becomes important in this next bit when I tell you I had to open every door, the trunk, and the hood to let them inspect my total disaster of a temporary housing unit. Oh the good old days when I could pay Round-eye or Cor a tenner to wash and vacuum the old battle-axe.

So that leads us to now. I left the fair early. We had about 100 people in the first half hour, and about 10 people total over the next 2 and 1/2 hours. I did my fair share. I drove the 2 hours home, stopped at Lowes for a few pots and some soil, came home and transplanted my crops, and rested.

My tomatos are looking lovely. I have no tomatos, but my plant is much bigger and better than either plant my neighbor has. (So there neighbor.) My bell peppers are also strong and flowering. And the chili peppers will be much happier in their new home. The herbs are growing well also! We have tapped into the Thyme quite a few times. (In my delusional week of cooking, I found a recipe that Shelby obviously really likes [seeing as how leftovers last less than 24 hours, if there ever were any to begin with] that calls for fresh Thyme, and we use it in our eggs in the morning.) I’m also growing Basil, which will be beautifully lush and big one day soon, if whatever is eating it would kindly stop eating it. I am, perhaps naïvely, anxiously awaiting the summer treats of sliced homegrown tomato with fresh basil and (store bought) mozzarella over toast. MMMM

I also anxiously await, quite naively, the new house with the fantastic open yard with the perfect corner for a real live garden with zucchini and lettuce and corn and everything. Ahhh summer…