I know I know

Total failure at the blog of late.

This is tech week for the show. I am not super involved, other than painting until 2am yesterday, but Shoobs is. So it has been lonely, and disasterous in the kitchen. And Shelby comes home tired, hungry, and frustrated and that makes both of us sad.

This is also prep week for the National Medical Laboratory Professionals week. It is basically a week long employee appreciation event that none of our employees appreciate and/or volunteer to help with. Exciting highlights from today include…

…stuffing 900+ cups with 7 pieces of candy and a list describing what each one means

…counting said cups into individual lists and trying to distribute to supervisors

…using lists that are soooooooo confusing it’s hard to see

…providing our headcount to the meal caterer only to find out they can’t cater the meal

…explaining for the 50th time why we are not yet ready to sell raffle tickets to people who told us yesterday they haven’t turned in their raffle items

…watering 25 plants someone thought it would be a good idea to buy

…dividing prizes for games which range from a pen or highlighter to a bag of coffee product from Starbucks

I could go on, but why complain. It is a beautifully rainy day with a hint of disaster in the air.


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