Wife Points!

I cooked!

Wait, breathe in, breathe out, and let me say that again. I COOKED!

I don’t cook. I can, theoretically, but I shouldn’t. So I don’t. I once made chili with olives (from a can) and raisins. I’ve eaten half baked potato covered in slightly still frozen broccoli and cheese. I’ve burned instant rice, melted frozen pizza, and have even managed to ruin salad. Shoobs, on the other hand, is a marvelous cook. Clear divide of household duties. Shelby cooks, I do laundry, I water the plants, I clean the house when I can and clean the kitchen when I’m allowed in it. I do not cook.

I usually do theatre. That means my schedule is pretty tight in the evening. If I leave work on timeish, I get about half an hour at home before heading out the door again. Only this time, this play, I am not the one doing theatre. Shelby is.

We also had a recent discussion regarding our eating habits, and grocery expenses, and brainstormed ways to stay healthy without pre-packaged foods or ludicrous costs. I decided to bite the bullet and built some recipes on Allrecipes.com. I printed out the shopping list, and followed the instructions step-by-step. I only panicked twice. I made eggplant pasta. And it was totally edible! And the Huz had a decent meal before a long night at a painful rehearsal. And he even got to relax a bit.




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