Since New Orleans was my real birthday gift, and I took the trip two weeks before my birthday, the actual DOB was rather low-key. It was a Monday. I went to work, met Shoobs for lunch, and later received a bouquet of tulips delivered to my office. I went home early, and it was a beautiful day, so I slapped on a swimsuit and sat out in the backyard for an hour. I got lots of phone calls, lots of texts, a few e-mails, all wishing me a royal welcome into “The new decade”.

I got an interesting text that evening. My friend Rachel asked if I was going to be alone. Shelby had rehearsal with her husband, so the answer was pretty obvious but I replied that I would, in fact, be watching crap TV alone. Her response…”Miranda and I will be over in an hour.”

Miranda is 8. She is wild. She is very sweet, but is kinda crazy, and she is 8. I flew about the house making sure it was 8 year old ready. And then I got a text that it would be better if I came over there. So I did.

When I arrived, I was forbidden to leave the front room. Miranda came out of her bedroom with her hands behind her back and a huge grin on her face. She presented me a bouquet of fake flowers, and a birthday balloon. From the kitchen, I could hear the frantic sounds of wrapping. Miranda and Rachel, having realized it was my 30th birthday, ran out to the dollar store and bought me 30 gifts to unwrap. Miranda handed them to me one by one, telling me which gifts she picked out specifically and paid for with her own money. Not only that, but a funfetti birthday cake with funfetti icing was also waiting for me.

We ate cake, put the kids (they have a son too) to bed, and walked the 500 feet up the street to crash rehearsal and share cake. The theatre bought us some free wine, and we had a wonderful time being lazy and loungy. And I got see my husband for more than an hour. All in all, pretty sweet day.

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