Do You Know What it Means

The sis took us back to the hotel to freshen up a bit, and then we hit the quarter for some grub. Bourbon street was bumpin! It was close to March 17 and the kiddies were already on spring break. We managed to find an oyster joint that wasn’t too crowded, and we were sat in less than 20 minutes. We ordered our drinks from our drink waiter, and our food from our food waiter. Kinda weird, but I guess if you have to share a table, that’s the best way to break it up. Shelby ordered a flight of Bourbon. A flight, like a sampling of three different bourbons. Fitting while on Bourbon street, but not the best dinner for someone who doesn’t really ever partake of the alcohol.

After a very chatty, very flirty, very revealing evening, I got Shelby to agree that we would go to the hotel, and then decide if we should really go to the bar for more adult beverages. Luckily, once he felt the sheets and comfort of the mattress, he agreed that sleep was better than dancing anyway. Needless to say, when the morning came, the last thing he wanted to do was spend the day with enthusiastic nephews. Luckily, Cak had just what the doctor ordered, a relaxing day on the water. Oh yeah, and GATORS!

The other white meat.


Don't dawdle, thems some hungry jaws.

It was a beautiful day, very cool. We were in a covered boat. We glid around the bayou. Our guide was funny, informative, and very smart. He not only gave us facts, but told us stories.

Graveyard where most of a village is buried after a hurricane blew through.

There is another single grave several hundred feet away. The grave belongs to one person who believed in Mary Laveau and the power of Voo Doo, enough to be shunned when Mary Laveau’s hurricane killed more than half the town.

The Honeymoon Suite

We didn’t just look at gators, we got to hold gators!

Shoobs' turn
Shelby likes to chop my head off. As long as it's only in pictures, we're ok.

After a wonderful few hours on the bayou, we headed back to the sleepy city. And of course, barely slept at all.

The other OTHER white meat!
Liam will slow down for Uncle Shelby. Li Li loves him some Uncle Shelby.

Jack does this thing, so cute mostly. Anytime a camera looking device gets pointed at him, he automatically starts saying cheese. That doesn’t mean he smiles, he just says cheese over and over. His face usually looks like this…

Cheese, cheeeeese, cheeeeeeeeeeese

So I called him on it. He’s almost 4, he’s going to have to learn someday. “Jack, you still have to smile, you don’t just say cheese.” And this is the face I got…

There's the smile.

And then he always asks to see. Isn’t it funny to think that Jack and Liam will never have memory of a time when you couldn’t immediately see the picture you just took. They don’t know about film at all. How old are we?


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