As Promised

The best birthday gift was seeing Jack’s face light up when he realized I was actually there. I was in the back office wrangling a toddler or a cat or a dog, and I heard the front door open. “Aunt Amanda, let’s go see the sharks. Mom, she’s not here.” “Yes she is baby, go to the back.”

By then, I had poked my head far enough around that once he came past the couch he could see me in the back room. His joy will make even the hardest of hearts melt. He ran toward me, face alight, giggling and squealing. “Sharks Aunt Amanda!”

So we got our hugs and squeezes in and headed straight out the door for the aquarium.

No! Sharks! Not the kawareweum!
On the way to the kwewarum.

We played around in the car, and eventually got Jack to pronounce aquarium correctly. So cute. At one point, he asked to see my foot and was shocked when I pulled it out of my shoe and showed him my naked foot. “Put your shoe back on!”










The sis has a free pass for two adults and two children, but with Uncle Shelby, we had too many. So he agreed to hang out on the Riverwalk for 30 minutes while we tore through the “Huge Fish!”

Wiggle wiggle wiggle. This was as still as we could get them.
Big farty cow in front of us (exhibit at the aquarium) that the boys couldn't get away from.


We arrived about 30 minutes before the place closed, so we did take the fast track through, not only to get through as much as we could before they closed, but also to meet up with Shoobs.

Notice how Liam still appears to be in motion.

We walked around looking at the boats and playing in the fountain. We walked through the mall. When we hit the section of the mall where you could hear the music really well above the clammer of the crowd, both boys got an incontrollable strut, arms raised, long strides, head bobs.

And then we loaded back in the car and headed to the house. We bathed and dressed the boys in jammies, and then got the sis dolled up to take Shoobs and I for a night on the town.


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