Sadly, the day after our wonderful boat trip, we had to leave the island. 😦 Our taxi driver offered to hide us, and I enthusiastically accepted. But when it came down to it, he drove us to the airport, the liar.

Bye St Lucia. We'll miss you!

This is the year I turned (gulp) the big three oh. Entered a new decade. Started my climb up the hill. All the other kind things alleged friends and family reminded me of on the day. Since I was having a big birthday, I wanted to celebrate in a big way. So I made the huz get back on a plane less than 24 hours after returning to the country and we flew to New Orleans.

This is where we stayed.

Shoobs had only been to Nawlins once, and we wanted to get another visit in before family moved away, so it really worked out for both of us.

We went straight to the hotel the night we arrived and made plans to catch up with my sis the following morning. We spent a good chunk of the morning walking around the quarter. Our hotel was on the outskirts, and we needed to catch the trolley uptown. A very nice local helped us out when it was clear we were headed in the wrong (read sketchy) direction.

After a long morning of walking, we met up with G in the park and continued walking toward the river for some grub.

Walking to lunch

We caught up, chatted about the HM, and headed toward Cafe Murder? No, Dante’s Kitchen, which it turns out is not Dante’s Kitchen for lunch, but a friend of the owners BBQ joint, but that suited us just fine.

We diddled, piddled, and fiddle-faddled around and then rode the trolley back toward the house to see the boys. A topic I will discuss tomorrow, as I am being kicked off the computer by the huz.


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