So Far Behind!!!

I’m so far behind on all of my updates!

We went to the spa, had a fantastic day, and fell asleep at, possibly, 9:30 that night. Which gave us plenty of sleep before our 9am hike up the Gros Piton. As a testament to how much my baby loves me, he came hiking with me anyway knowing this would happen…

Tears? Sweat? Near Death?
Beautiful Views

To be fair, I was huffing and puffing and dripping with sweat. It was humid and high air pressure. The legs weren’t the problem for either of us, it was the breathing that was the issue. And Shamus, our guide, was traipsing up the rocks with a big white smile and nary a sweat droplet. He tried to make us feel better by dallying, picking up hermit crabs and pointing out various views. He was very patient.

Halfway mark for our trip. See the sweat puddle?
And this is our "top". This is where we turned around.

We passed through a local village on the way up and then down the mountain. I forget the actual name, but it translates into Valley of the Free People. It seems almost like you’re traveling through the line at a Disney ride. The colors are so vibrant, the people are so interesting, and everyone knows each other. Pups wander the roads. People hike beside us for a few feet to talk in a foreign language and laugh. The trees and rock formations seem so strategically placed.


While the dogs and cats run free, the goats and cattle are tethered to the ground. The message is clear, the dog is worth nothing. The goat is a source of income, and these goats are mine.

There are stakes in the ground with leather tethers that keep the goats from wandering off.

It only took us about 2 and 1/2 hours to complete our hike. Neither one of us remembered our money, so when they invited us into the shops, we reluctantly declined. But no wallet was no problem for them. “You can just give it to the driver.” So we bought some knick knacks, met the artists who made the little carvings we just purchased, and promised the cash would return with the driver. Gotta love the Caribbean.

Next up, our boat trip to the capital. And more to come on the day I turned 30, the trip to New Orleans to celebrate, and the unexpected birthday surprise.

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