So we had arrived, safe and sound, sans luggage, but thanks to a boy scout bride were still mostly prepared for a day on the beach. And that is exactly what we had, a day on the beach.

By about mid-day, lounging on the beach with nothing to cover me but blue jeans, I was pining for luggage. No flip flops, no sarongs. I just wanted to change. And show off all the cool beachwear I had.

We took a shuttle back up to the room. Montgomery (the butler) met us. We made arrangements for dinner “provided we get our luggage tonight” and went to the room. No less than 20 minutes later, our bags arrived!!!

Sometime in the interim, an invite had been placed in our room. There was a black and white event taking place in the Cane Bar that evening. We dressed in our best theme appropriate attire and headed out the door.

I totally overdid it on the wine that night. We did not make it to the free rum party. Sad.

That night, I had another beautiful and restful sleep. I woke up early for another beautiful and restful day laying around.


Friday was spent mostly doing this.

Oh Yeah

Saturday came in with a bit of grey. Luckily, we had already made arrangements to have an hour massage followed by lunch and an hour of privacy in the rainforest spa.

What Does a monkey say?

Our lunch came with complimentary sparkling wine and an hour in the Watsu pool. Warm water that continuously refreshed from the rocks above. It was fantastic. The rest of the day, I was pretty much putty. I could barely walk I was so relaxed. Once the treatment had been completed, we strolled/melted down the hill toward the bayside bar for some relaxation, stopping for photo opportunities along the way.

Images of the grounds
Old Sugar Mill equipment on the property.

My bathing suit was still a little wet, and my sarong was made in Morocco, where they use very heavy dyes without rinsing them out. I’ve washed and washed, turning a variety of clothes various shades of blue. I thought I had gotten it to a place where it wouldn’t do that anymore. But I totally stained a big blue butt mark on one of the hammocks. I’m sure they’re used to it by now.

So, that’s all you get for now. Stay tuned to hear more about our hiking adventures and the boat trip!

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