And Then it Snowed!

I thought this winter would pass us by with a few cold days and some bitter winds. And then it snowed.

The three best friends and one ginormous dog loaded into a tiny scion for a weekend of DC adventures. I left work early (something that never happens). I headed straight home, threw some stuff in a bag, and got to work on preparing the house for the absence. I took all of the recycling out to the curb, started a load in the dishwasher, and washed the rest of the dishes by hand (something else that never happens). And then Shelby came home. And dottered. And tried on some new clothes he bought for our trip. And had a very hard time getting himself ready to leave.  A very antsy me could not get a very disinterested Huz to pack his crap and get in the car. And so we were late getting to Nat’s.

She was ready when we got there. Her tiny car was already packed to the brim and we hadn’t even started adding our load. Some award winning Tetris minutes later, I had the back organized with everything accounted for! I asked if they wanted to bring the GPS. They replied “We have iPhones, so we won’t need it.” After another few minutes, we loaded ourselves in. Nat drove, the Huz rode shotgun, and I squeezed in the backseat beside the Black Lab Great Dane mix that is Bailey.

5 hours later, Mr and Ms iPhone were lost in downtown DC.

By the time we finally arrived at the house, my body so cramped and twisted that my leg still hurts, enough Red Bull had been consumed to keep the commuters up until after 2:00am. Our friends had long since gone to bed.

We were going to see a play, but we (the Huz) decided not to. Instead, we sat in the living room, watched TV, and the iPhone crew played iPhone games with each other.

“Ooooohhhh. Take that. It’s your turn.”

“Man, I have three games going at once, and I am losing all three!”

“Thanks for letting us come play our online games in the same room with you instead of in a different state.”

It was lame. I am glad I didn’t drive, because I would have been sad. I was sad. It was a depressing visit. We did nothing that I couldn’t have done at home, and I wouldn’t have had to cram in next to a farty dog for 4 hours.

And then it was time to pack up and go home. Another disaster. The one thing I wanted to avoid was eating fast food. But, there aren’t many restaurants you can get into on a Sunday afternoon (read Sunday after church) where the wait won’t result in a dead dog, or a pile of poop in the car. So, after several unsuccessful attempts, the decision was made to go “eat in” at McDonalds. I almost cried. Instead, I walked there. And when I got close, I saw a Subway nearby so I just kept walking. McDonalds has fries, and that about sums up their vegetarian menu.

But while we sat in McDonald’s I glanced out the window and saw the flurries. It was rather pretty, in a tragic sort of way. The ground was wet, littered with napkins and cheeseburger wrappers. The snow fluttered down and immediately melted. And then it stopped melting and a thin layer of white began to hide the inadequacies of the parking lot.

The snow didn’t stop when we got back on the highway. The banks quickly began to disappear under an ever thickening layer of snow. And then the road disappeared. We were traveling about 20 MPH 100 feet behind the car in front of us, following the tracks it made down the middle of the road. Some silly folks decided the weather didn’t warrant a single lane and would speed past us. It wasn’t long before we passed most of them off the road and in a ditch.

Our 4 and ½ hour trip turned into almost 7 hours, but we made it safely, soundly. We transferred our belongings into the Fit and headed for home. It was still snowing, the yard and fire pit were well hidden. The Huz delighted in the idea that we could have a snow day but it was mostly melted by the time I woke up.

It’s now almost 60 degrees. It’s supposed to be 70 later this week. It may dip back down, and that would suit me just fine. I’m sure I’ll have enough heat and sun in a few weeks, lazing on my private beach. But I was glad for the snow.

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