Can kiss my butt.

I haven’t enjoyed this holiday since at least the 7th grade. I find it stupid and useless. It is mainly there to make women feel unappreciated, men feel inadequate, and so gas stations can increase their sales of worthless crud. Shelby and I find ways throughout the year to show our love and appreciation for each other, without spending a gazillion dollars on flowers. Like a week ago when I casually mentioned I hated our room and he totally cleaned (swept, dusted, and everything) and rearranged the furniture and gave me a whole new room while I was getting my haircut.

Now, I don’t stamp on this day for anyone else. Some genuinely need the day to remind them to say something nice or do something nice for their significant other. Say, for example, if you have kids that encompass every waking minute of your life and you need an excuse to get a babysitter so you can take a walk alone. Or, If you had kids in your house for 30 years straight and you have the time to go on a romantic getaway now that they have flown the coop. Those are appropriate uses of this pink froofy holiday.

But even if I didn’t poopoo Valentine’s Day, I would certainly poopoo today. This day is a disaster.

I slept in. It was cold last night, I had too many covers on, and I accidentally canceled both of my alarms instead of just one. It was warm and snuggly in there!

Idiots rule the road. No one knows how to drive. Especially when I am running behind.

I pulled into the parking lot and realized I forgot my lunch.

And then my boss yelled at me. In front of half our employees (slight exaggeration). Because of technical difficulties during a WebEx training that no one brought to my attention until it was over. I don’t think she thinks she yelled because she tried joking with me later. It’s not worth talking about it. I’m just having a hard time letting it go.

And I want to be on vacation now please. Thank you.


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