Whine time

I’m sleepy. I’m helping Shelby with his show which opens tomorrow. The designers (lights, sound, video) won’t get out of the space. They are still changing and tweaking and driving us nuts. Their manipulations also require that they move large flats and or lighting equipment that is hanging around backstage. Without telling anyone. When the lights are out.

I fell down today. Totally bit it. My foot got caught on a cord and I went down face first. My hands are sore, but the ground is smooth so no cuts there. But my knee is killing me. I caught my right foot which set my left knee up to catch my fall. I, of course, put a hole in my pants. One of three pairs of work pants that I can actually make fit me right now and the knee has a hole in it. And then my actual knee turned bright red. It’s swollen, red, black and blue, and stiff. I feel like a big idiot. And I’m sore in my arms and legs from tensing up to break my fall.

What would happen if I never fell down again? That would be totally neat. I could get behind that.

When can I not be in pain anymore? I always feel uncomfortable. A little sore in the arms. Sore in my back. Stiff neck. Restless legs. My feet haven’t felt right since  my wedding. I think my hurried pedicure might have been a mistake.

In any case, that’s as much whining as I can muster now. Have lovely evenings.


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