Holy Smokes!

I totally got 30 jobs approved. I have been buried.

On a brighter note, I had my review on Friday and it was spectacular! I received an overall scoring of Exceeds Expectations. But in addition, received feedback from by supervisor that she has been approached a few times by different people who feel that I have the personality and skill set to be in project management. From what I have been able to tell, project management is a lot like stage management by for professional businesses. And it pays. Really well. Really really well.

This is not the first time job change has been brought up in my meetings. People see areas of opportunity for me that I wouldn’t even think to look for. I happy. I comfortable. I’m stable. But, I have been thinking about my job lately. Not in any negative way, but in a “How many more years can I do this before I shrivel?” kind of way. How far can I really go?

Change is definitely brewing. It makes me nervous, excited, anxious, and uncertain. I doubt anything will happen soon, but something is coming. Wish me luck.


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