Picture Perfect

I used to take pictures all the time. I have boxes of photographs of people I’m sure were either extremely popular or very important to me, most of whom I can’t remember. I can only tell what state the pictures were taken in my whether or not they were outside.

So I stopped taking pictures. I bought a disposable camera once or twice. I found one of them about a year ago and had the pictures developed. Imagine my surprise at seeing pictures of a younger, thinner Shoobs and I from the very early stages of our relationship.

And then I got a digital camera a few months early for Christmas. And I can’t stop. I overheard a couple people talking about friends, or studies, or artists that took a picture of themselves everyday for one year to compare their faces, lines, weight after a year of trial and tribulation. And that bug bit me. I have tried taking a picture every night since January 1. They are not flattering. Here, let me show you. 🙂

I Met Billy Idol!

Above and below are from a one night production Shoobs and I participated in. We’re weird.

That's no mask

Try this guy on for size.

Oh Yeah

The truly flattering ones are still on the camera.

Thanks dad! Hope you don’t regret it!


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