The entire family gathered together in July to witness the nuptials (that sounds dirty) of Baby Sis and Future D. (Her new huz is in medical school. To provide some level of anonymity, I have nicknamed him Future D [short for Future Doctor].) We gathered around family dinner tables, had parties, shared stories, danced, and had a deliriously wonderful time. Our parting words were, “See you in November!”

The entire family gathered in November to witness the nuptials of Me and Shoobs (or Shoobs and I for the grammatically inclined). We played games, talked, ate good food, sang, and again, had a deliriously wonderful time. Our parting words this time were “See you at Christmas!”

Christmas was amazing, and far too short. Future D was there for the first time on the day. I felt like I could leave Shoobs alone to fend for himself with the men while I played dragons and went to the zoo. We played games every night (I think) and laughed at each other’s amazingly awkward performances in front of Xbox Kinect and Wii dancing. “I can’t imagine why I’m not scoring more on this dance! I feel like I’m nailing it!”  To my knowledge, there were no blow ups, no awkward situations, no fights. Everyone got along and had a smashing good time. Battle of the cooks was a huge success.

This time when we left, we had no date to look forward to. No “see you in March!” When you think about it, next Christmas is the “off year” for at least the Lawyer and the Professor, probably Baby Sis and Future D as well. We can visit each other individually, but the expanse between us and the cost of travel these days makes that more of a hope than a likelihood.

And so I got sad. I left a bustling house full of love and joy and went to my In-Laws, a house equally as loving but far more quiet. And then I went home. Back to the grind. Taking down Christmas lights and cutting up the tree, work in the morning and not getting off until it’s dark. Trying to find excuses to see people, and trying to find the time. And being discouraged by the anticipation of 35 new jobs we expect to have approved later this month.

I shoulda married a millionaire.


2 thoughts on “Melancholia

  1. CakiArwen23

    It’s like I could have written this myself.
    When shall we three meet again
    In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

    (P.S. another wedding is not likely anytime soon!)

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