A Year in Retrospect

2011 came in with a bang. Within the first few months, we had more bad news than any group should have to handle. Work, personal, family…

But all things happen to give us perspective. A cancer diagnosis and subsequent death of our lab director gave us the opportunity to reorganize the reporting structure and identify a potentially brilliant ingenue, thus improving the overall output of our lab and setting us up for massive growth opportunities. An acquisition of a very large company which threatened to put me out of work actually gave me the opportunity to sparkle and shine in front of not only our corporate office, but the SVP of human resources herself. Medical scares and retirement forced my parents to make immediate decisions about their health. My father (hi dad) looks better than he has in years, and my mom (hi mom) FINALLY got her knees replaced. She already looks happier all the time. That could be due to the nephews and such that are usually around when I’m around but I choose to believe she feels better all the time.

My hope for 2012 is this…that I won’t be deterred by bad news. That I will take information pleasantly and try to see the betterment in the long run. That I will be more positive immediately instead of coming around to the positive.

My hope for you in 2012 is that your news is always good news. We suffered enough in 2011. May your houses be big, your jobs be good, opportunities open for you where you least expect them. May you continue to be brave in expanding yourself and never lose site of those who support you. Love hard, so hard it hurts. And come visit me. We have a guest room waiting for you.


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