What a Wonderful World

Such a great weekend.

This was closing weekend for Trailer Park Christmas, a cute show written by some local folks that went up and down for its 4th year this month. We had so much fun! The actors (for the most part) were genuine, sincere people that we will get to see and hang out with again. As a matter of fact, we already have a play date/game night set up for January!

It was a wonderful closing. The house was sparse on Thursday, and it took them a few minutes to feel like they were allowed to laugh, but we won them over in pretty short order and they had themselves a great time. Friday was a sold out show. Saturday was so over-sold, we threw in extra chairs all over the place and even added floor seating! Sunday was a fairly well sold show, about 20 short from full, but a rowdy closing audience none the less.

An hour later, the set was struck, the champagne uncorked, and the celebrations began. Sadly, the Huz and I had to leave early to dash over to the Librarian’s house for dinner. Her Huz is Moroccan, and a fantastic chef, and every once in a while, likes to entertain his friends with fantastic (holy crap it’s so delicious) food. FREE! And he is very generous. No miniscule portions for us. Last night’s menu consisted of butternut squash risotto followed by roasted chestnuts, brussels sprouts, and chestnut puree. Add to that the bacon wrapped pheasant devoured by the meat eaters and you have a pretty solid meal. But we weren’t through yet! Crushed biscotti under a dollop of chocolate mousse and drizzled with Moroccan espresso was served for dessert. I ate so much, my stomach hurt. It still hurts!

And then we played a bit of poker. I was feeling so very uncomfortable, and not really interested in the game, so I played pretty poorly and was the first to be kicked out. Suited me just fine though. The Librarian recently purchased a Wii and Dance Party 3, so I turned that mess on and shook my already sensitive belly until I nearly exploded. Nothing like a good sweat while you’re at your friend’s for dinner.

And now, I have a quiet week of barley working to muddle through before a week off to spend with (probably) you. Can’t wait!!


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