No We Are NOT Your Punching Bag!!!!

I don’t know who happens upon this blog that may not know my history, but let me give you the brief employment run-down. I work in Human Resources, the principal’s office of any business. I work with 4 other ladies. We are all nice people. We work hard in a thankless job. We hire, yes we also fire if employees are not doing what they are supposed to do, we make sure there are paychecks, and we organize fantastic parties (among a bazillion other things). So when we want to participate, keep your snappy attitude to yourself stupid employee! The way we do every time we have to talk to you.

Today’s scenario…

As part of our Winterfest/End of Year celebration, we brought back the door decorating contest.  This is an opportunity for departments to work as a team, develop an idea, tap into their creativity, and decorate their doors or windows. The winners get a pizza party. We saw some fantastic displays from gingerbread houses, to ski slopes, to winter carnivals with snowmen riders. HR is in the process of training a new employee, trying to fill about 30 positions, wrapping up year-end, and several HUGE employee relations issues. We have no time for door decorating, but we also understand the need to lead by example and participate with smiling faces. So we threw up some blue plastic table covering, cut some fancy snowflakes out of printer paper, and made some cute little snowmen sculptures with our names on them.

As we were assembling our masterpiece, an employee walked down the hall and muttered under her breath “HR better not win.”

“Excuse us?”

“You shouldn’t be allowed to win.”

“Why not? Are we not employees? Shouldn’t we get the chance to be appreciated?”

“You can participate. But you shouldn’t win.”

“So we’re just supposed to plan the event, organize the contest, organize the judges, provide the prizes, work straight through all the events, and then not be able to participate with the chance to win? Why is that?”


Great come back. But seriously, how about a word of kindness? Nice door. Was that so hard? Clearly we’re not going to win, so just shut your mouth about it if you can’t say anything nice.

This is not to mention the childish employees that boycotted our end of year meal just because management paid for it. We recently found out they weren’t doing their jobs, and instead of firing them, made them do their jobs, so now they are boycotting anything from management. Smart. More food for me! More prizes for the grown-ups who are wearing their big boy pants.



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