I threw away my rings.

I lectured Shelby, the non-jewelry wearer, about making sure he didn’t leave his ring somewhere until I got it insured, and then I threw mine away. I don’t know how it happened! I take my rings off before I get in the shower. It’s kinda silly I know, but every little bit I can do to keep them shiny is worth it at this early stage. (Helps me also avoid things like having to do the dishes.) I usually set them on the corner of the sink (but would love to set them in the little jewelry holder thingie on my registry *family hint*) along with my unmentionables. I suppose when I scooped my lady’s garments off the sink, I scooped my rings right into the trash can.

Imagine my panic when I couldn’t find them.

I had heard Shoobs come in to use the restroom (honeymoon is over) and was terrified they went down the toilet. I checked and double checked the pockets of my robe. I even checked the pockets of my jeans, which was absurd because they had been hanging in the closet at the time the rings went missing.

We were rushing out the door for the play. I didn’t have time! But there was no way I was going all night without finding them. So, I sat myself on the floor and started digging through the trash. I almost gave up out of disgust, Just then, I saw a shiny! Sure enough, my wedding band was stuck in the fold of a tissue! I had to keep going now.

The engagement ring is a little heavier, so I had to go through every ounce of trash before I found it, happily swimming in beard hair at the bottom of the bag.

I will never lose these again. I’ll be dipped if I’m going through that heart attack just to be so grossed out I nearly lost them again while scrubbing them in the sink.

And now Shelby has bragging rights. I lost my rings (if only for a few minutes) and he hasn’t. Crap.


One thought on “Yikes!

  1. Bella once swooped mine down the drain of the bathroom sink. Ever since then, I put them in a little box with a lid when I take them off. (I take them off every time I shower, too! It’s mostly bc I’m afraid the diamond could fall out and go down the drain, and I wouldn’t notice.)

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