Christmas Tree

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, the Huz and I went to a tree farm to pick out Our First Christmas Tree as a Married Couple. (That phrase gets used a lot these days…our first insert event as a married couple. Kinda can’t wait for that to go away.) At first, we were greeted by a small yard where trees had been set up, in the typical temporary Christmas Tree Stand kind of way.

Merrily Merrily through the ... um... 70 degree weather

We wandered a bit, not seeing anything that really grabbed us, and then I decided to be a bit more exploratory. To the right, there was a large barn. One side was open and large enough to fit a good size tractor in, but instead, had big fluffy trees dangling from the rafters. I went in to peak, just to see what I would find. What I found was a whole barn full of huge trees dangling from the ceiling. As folks walked through, they would nudge or bump a branch, a frond would stick to a T-shirt, a child would pull. They were all tied by their tops, left a few inches off the ground. With each nudge, pull, bump, or stick, a tree would spin. Huge trees, billowing branches, spinning in the back of the barn. It was breathtaking.

Twirly Whirly

We found our perfect beast and brought him home.

How Big is Our Tree - Soooo Biiig

10 feet 8 inches. Tall and slender. A bear to decorate.

We let the tree settle for a day, then pulled out the Christmas lights to get a little twinkle going. 3 strands was not nearly enough. So, Shoobs went to Lowe’s and bought 2 more. 5 strands was still not enough. “3 more ought to do it!” I did not feel like making any more trips so I bought 5 extra strands instead. A total of 9 strands and still the Huz wasn’t happy. “But the last strand is for the garland. This will be fine. You just wait and see.”

A few days and grumbles later, we invited our Librarian friend over to help us decorate.

Where does this one go?

I’m not sure if it was the tree as much as the Huz when it came to difficulty decorating, but he just couldn’t get satisfied with what we had. Another immediate trip to Wally World produced a dizzying array of ornaments and tinsel. (To be fair, the bulb to interesting ornament ratio was pretty severe.) On went the topper.


A few adjustments.

This one goes there

Add in some tinsel.

We Even Dress Alike

And there we have our first tree.


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