Wedding – Let’s Begin

My wedding weekend started on Wednesday. The best man and his wife were flying into Asheville Regional that evening, and we agreed to pick them up and take them to their cabin. And of course, we were late.

The car was packed from foot to ceiling with wedding decorations, suitcases, dresses, snacks, I think we might have snuck a few homeless people and a small dog in as well. Only too late did I realize that we would have to drive directly to the cabin to unload everything so that we would have room for the best man, his wife, and their luggage. That added at least another hour. We were very late.

But we made it, and we picked up and D & J, and we stopped and got them food (since they hadn’t had dinner) and it was very nice. I hadn’t spent much time with them, mostly since they have never lived close to the Huz in all the time I’ve known him. So it was good to joke and laugh, and feel accepted in this elite group of Best Friends.

We stayed up most of the night playing Pictionary and talking. I finally fell asleep on the couch at 2 or 3 in the morning. A few hours later, I woke to the sound of my phone ringing. My youngest sister was on her way!

Thursday the family gathered. I repacked all I would need and stole the car and drove out to the airport once more to collect Cor. We drove back to our cabin just up the path and unloaded again. We returned the car, walked back to the cabin, and waited. We watched Friends and waited some more. I was finally reminded that we were going OUT that night and I hadn’t showered. So I left Cor to fend for herself in the huge cabin while I took the last luxurious shower I would have for a few days.

And then I heard the boys. And then I saw them with their parents and boy were they adorable. G unloaded an exhausting amount of stuff from her car. It seemed she would leave empty handed and return with what had to be the last of it only to go out and get another load. I think their car had a bit of the Mary Poppins magic if you know what I mean.

Mom and Dad and Cak and Juzzy were next to arrive. More was unloaded, and suddenly this little cabin in the woods felt like home. All our familiar foods, voices, and snot nosed faces were there. The shouts and sounds of little feet near the stairs, the separation of those who hang out upstairs and those who hang out downstairs, the fires, the wine, all of it was just fantastic.

And then we girls got donned in our fanciest jeans. I was loaded with “Bride-to-Be” accouterments and we were headed out the door.


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