Or Was It?

We crammed our well stuffed bodies into a well stuffed car and headed out along the (mostly) open road. I drove so we made great time. We grabbed armfuls of luggage, dresses, presents, and trash and carted them up the stone steps. The Huz dumped his inside the door, then took mine and dumped it inside the door, then swept me off my feet and dropped me inside the door. Feet first, we didn’t start our marriage at home with domestic abuse.

Since I had only requested a few days off to be sure I would have time to take off next year for the REAL honeymoon, I had to go back to work on Wednesday. Since huz works for a family friendly organization, and he is kind of a rock star there, he got to take the rest of the week off. That turned out to benefit me quite nicely. I left work precisely at 5pm, something I have not accomplished in over a year, and headed home. When I arrived, my first course of dinner was waiting for me on the counter. It was a cup of hot tomato basil soup. A bottle of Biltmore wine (actually a gift from a wedding guest with insider knowledge? of the mini moon) was uncorked and a smidge offered to me to taste. Of course it passed and then my cuppeth overfloweth.

Round 2 of my four course meal consisted of a small salad, complete with pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate seeds had previously eluded me, but suddenly became my favoritist thing ever when they showed up in my salads in the Dining Room of the Inn on Biltmore Estate. Accompanying my salad, I received a bread platter with olive oil and pepper.

The third or main course was a three cheese ravioli complete with a simple homemade sauce. Garlic bread was served with this course (my baby knows my love affair with bread and is kindly supportive). A topped off wine glass and I was up the stairs to watch a little TV and make some room for course number 4, AKA dessert. Dessert was apple slices with caramel drizzle, goat cheese and honey, and luscious full grapes. Course 5 (if you want to call it that) was a wine top-up and a head, neck, and back massage before tucking me into bed with my book and stuffed animal. Luxurious.

Thursday was an omelet and toast with vegetarian sausage. Friday, the mini moon was officially over since our friend The Librarian was over and therefore the huz was not able to break away to the kitchen. Dangit.


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