Where Was I?


Oh yes, so another fantastic meal served in the elegance of the Dining Room put me to bed shortly after making it back up the stairs.

Tuesday I decided was our sleep-in day. I made the executive decision that we were not ordering room service, so we did not have to be up at any time to be dressed to greet it. I still only slept until about 7:45 before tossing and turning for another hour or so. But, I didn’t have to set an alarm gosh darn it!

We packed most of our belongings and then went down to the dining room for breakfast buffet. Then up the stairs at 10:45 for an 11am check-out. We called the bell hop and let him load the trolley, let them call for the car, and let them load the car as well. If we had to tip them, by golly they were going to work for it. (The Huz kept asking if anyone else wanted to take money from him, who else should he tip. It was a little ridiculous.)

We cheated. Sort-of. We were told we had access to everything for the duration of our stay. We were not told if that meant until 11am, or Tuesday in general. So we drove to Antler Hill Village where we caught the Tram to take us back to Biltmore House. We waved our little white tickets at the house entrance and received our audio tour headsets. And then we traipsed up the stairs to continue our tour of the house. We then went out to tour the gardens, still magnificent and beautiful in the fall. We ditched the Spring Garden and Azalea Garden. One because they were huge and put us way off course, and two because their very names suggested that they would be better viewed at another time of year.

We thought we could make it to Deerpark restaurant for a lunch buffet, but when it became clear we would not be able to catch the tram before 2:30 (and the restaurant closed at 3) we decided to eat in the Stable Cafe instead. Very neat. The majority of the structure is still there, the standing stalls and box stalls hold booths and tables. The hay bins were decorated with prezzies and poinsettias. The main sliding doors were still there, but now fixed with regular doors built into them.

We stuffed ourselves again (I swear I gained ten pounds!) and I declared that there was no way I was shoving myself in a car for another 4 hours driving back to real life until I walked around and got the belly feeling a little less stretched to maximum capacity. We went back down into the gardens, spent an exorbitant amount on additional trinkets and gifts for family and friends, and then walked up to catch the bus.

And sadly, just like that, the mini moon was over.


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