Mini Moon Update!

I figured I’d take you through the mini moon adventures a step at a time and backtrack to the wedding itself. Sadly, the new camera my father bought in order to capture these special moments died. And since I am very technologically challenged and haven’t owned a fancy digital camera before, I didn’t bring and spare batteries or charging cords or anything to make the camera go again. That means that you get to imagine it all with only my precise descriptions. Good luck!

Our actual honeymoon won’t be until March. We needed time to rack up some more paid leave from work, wanted to avoid the Caribbean during anything close to hurricane season, and let’s face it, save some more money. Instead of returning home on Sunday following the wedding, Shoobs (the huz) booked us a Romantic Getaway package to the Inn on Biltmore Estate. The package included breakfast in the Dining Room or served to our room, dinner in the Dining Room or Bistro, valet parking, a bottle of bubbly delivered to our room, and an audio tour of the Biltmore House.

Sadly, our Inn room was nothing compared to the Presidential suite at the Greystone Inn, but that suite was kind of amazing. We did have a terrace at the Inn, and unlimited shuttle service to anywhere on the estate (which is super helpful given our desire to relax ie not drive anywhere). We checked in Sunday. Mr. Romantic had also ordered roses and an artesian cheese tray to be ready upon our arrival. We sipped sparkling wine and nibbled on cheese and crackers before our dinner reservations at the Dining Room. The Dining Room required dress attire, collared shirts and slacks for men, dresses/skirts or dress pants for women. It was super fancy.

As we were seated, the host pulled my chair and placed my napkin on my lap. A busboy rushed over and poured us water, careful to use the napkin over his arm to avoid splashing us. A friendly faced server came over to us and engaged us in some polite chit-chat before I made a slight ass of myself. I didn’t realize fancy people had a cocktail while looking at a menu AND a bottle of wine with dinner. So when he asked if we wanted something to drink, I told him which bottle we wanted, Shoobs snickered, and I blushed.

We were served a dash of soup and salad “Just to tempt the appetite”. They had already received instruction that I was a vegetarian, so I got the salad and Shoobs got the soup. We were served course upon course. It was superb. Delicious. Finger-licking good. My dessert plate had Congratulations! written in cursive chocolate. They had also been informed that this was our honeymoon.

We went back to the room and I passed out. I stretched on the bed “for just a minute”. But a full stomach and healthy portion of wine and I was dead to the world in 30 seconds. I needed the rest though, for an exciting adventure we would begin on Monday, bright and early, at 8am.

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